Pet Contest

I’m Bentley, and yes, I am a prince. I have 3 hoomans. They feed me Thanksgiving dinner at the table because they respect me as their superior ruler and owner. I wear a bow tie and bell around my neck so that when I move about, the hoomans know where to find and service me. I sleep at the head of the bed (literally, on the hooomans’ heads) just to further assert my dominance as "head" of the household.

I am a good owner of the hoomans. I cuddle up to them when they are sad and project my magic purring powers upon them. I remind them when it is time to make their sacrificial offerings to their ruler (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), as the royal tummy can tell time like no other. I also perform daily watches over my kingdom (atop my royal throne, "the sofa"), always keeping an eye out for enemy intruders. I proudly care for my hoomans like they care for me.

I happily represent Action for Animals because I sympathize with all the "royals" that don’t have their own hoomans. I do not like being boarded when the hoomans go away, and can’t imagine what life is like for all the "princes" and "princesses" without kingdoms to manage. I believe every cat should have a throne of his/her own!