Pet Contest

Hi! I’m Max. I used to live out in the woods all by myself until I was saved by my family. My mom wasn’t sure she was ready to have another cat, but one look at me was all it took. When I was found on the side of the road I only weighed 1 1/2 lbs. My family thought I was just a couple months old but the vet said I was actually at least 7 months old. As a deaf, all white cat I was not a very good hunter. But since I’ve been in my forever home I’ve made up for that - I now weigh close to 16 lbs.

My hobbies are sitting at the window and watching the birds, climbing in the Christmas tree, and playing "lamp rodeo" (That involves getting up on the table with the lamp, stretching my body up inside the lamp shade and then seeing how fast I can get out while knocking the lamp over). Once I knocked over a lamp that burned a hole in the carpet down to the wood when the light came on with the timer. Needless to say my family immediately went out and bought the heaviest, sturdiest lamps they could find. Lamp rodeo isn’t much fun now.

My nicknames are Bubba and Sweet Boy.

I’m so happy my family rescued me!