Pet Contest

My feral furry Mom left me next door to my Hairless Adoptive Parents. I was a 3-month-old black fur ball. My Hairless Mom (although she does have a hairy mane) saw me and wanted to hold me and love me. But my furry Mom taught me not to trust anyone or anything! Hairless Parents fed me and watered me and then trapped me and took me to the shelter to get me "fixed," whatever that means. Mom said that girls were more expensive than boys and when they told her the price of her bill, there was a tear in her eye as she said, "It's a girl!" I was so small the vet was worried I wouldn't make it through the night so they put a rubber glove filled with hot water in my cage to soothe me. But I'm a feisty one and I made it.

Most humans would call me Midnight or Shadow because I'm all black but Hairless Mom calls me Sunshine because I brought sunshine back into her life after her first black 16-year-old cat died. When I first showed up, I never wagged my tail, meowed, or purred. It took forever but I got to trust Hairless Dad sitting on the floor behind the kitchen door. Now I meow, purr, and wag my tail! I'll even rub up against him when he's sitting down on the outside step and I'll allow him to pet me. But I guess I'll always be skiddish. My Hairless Parents want me to live with them inside that big house but I'm afraid they'll close the door and never let me out. I'm not sure what fate awaits me in there. Dad got me a cat barn to put next to their house and built a wooden insulated box to put over top of it for winter. He also bought me a heated blanket. I greet Hairless Mom every morning by stretching real tall on the screen door. Dad buys me the Fancy Feast canned food because I'm so dainty and they cut up the food just the right size for my small mouth. One day they got a sample of Fancy Feast Broth appetizers. Now I get that on special occasions, like if it's Tuesday or we had a bad storm.

I chose ANIMAL FRIENDS OF WESTMORELAND as my charity because I'm forever thankful that my Hairless Parents took care of me and I PRAY every night for those animals who aren’t as fortunate as I was to be left at such a caring location. This charity not only takes care of cats, like me, but also donkeys, pigs and goats!