Layoffs After A Work Injury

By Peter J. Gough, Esq.

Very frequently injured workers return to work following a work injury. Upon return to work, the worker may still be under a doctor's restrictions, or, because of the work injury, may not be able to perform even one aspect of their pre-injury job. If the worker is then laid off, the worker may be entitled to reinstatement of workers' compensation wage loss benefits.

As long as the work injury imposes restrictions or causes an inability to perform even a single work duty, the workers' compensation law considers this worker to be at a disadvantage as compared to non-injured workers. This is so, regardless of whether the worker is laid off for economic reasons or because of the work injury, or for any reason (other than willful misconduct).

The fact that the laid-off worker collects unemployment benefits does not preclude the reinstatement of workers' compensation benefits .

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