The DRO Hearing — Decision Review Officer At The Regional Office

The hearing with the Decision Review Officer takes place at the local Regional Office. It is informal. One of our attorneys will get you ready and attend the hearing with you. The point of the hearing is to organize all of the issues and conditions.

The QR attorney will guide the veteran through their military history and the event(s) that caused their injury/conditions. The DRO may ask follow up questions.

Following the hearing, the DRO may order additional testing, allow additional time to pursue a private medical examination, or, close the evidentiary record.

The Decision Review Officer will then issue his or her decision in the form of a Statement of the Case. If the SOC is favorable, the veteran will be assigned a percentage, payments will be issued, and the case will be closed. If the decision is unfavorable, an appeal must be filed within 60 days to the Board of Veterans Appeals.

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