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Common Auto Accident Misconception

June 12, 2018

Video Transcript

Hi everybody! I’m Jessica Rafferty. I’m here at the law firm of QuatriniRafferty for Legal Tip Tuesday. Today I wanted to talk with you about a common misconception. If you’re involved in an Automobile Accident and let’s say, for example, I caused the accident. I collided with your vehicle. If you file a claim against me, it would be, say your name is “Joe Smith”, so “Joe Smith versus Jessica.” Even though you have to name “Jessica” as the defendant in the case, it’s really my insurance company that would be paying for the damages to your vehicle or yourself/your injuries. So even though, under Pennsylvania law, it must be “Joe Smith versus Jessica Rafferty,” it’s really my insurance company that would be paying that. You would not be taking any money out of my pocket. I just wanted to clear that up. A lot of people ask that question and I thought it might be helpful.