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Essential Documents: When Your Child Turns 18

July 7, 2020

Video Transcript

Hi everybody. I’m Jessica Rafferty. I’m an attorney at the law firm of QuatriniRafferty and I focus my practice in the areas of estate planning and a state administration. So who’s got a recent high school graduate? If you do congratulations and to the graduates, congratulations to you guys as well. I know this was not the easiest year to be a high school senior and I wish you all the best in your future. So the reason I want to talk to the parents of the recent high school graduates is because you.

Also have a recently turned 18 year old, so even though you probably still consider your kid a kid and that is completely fine. The law does not so you can’t make a lot of decisions that you used to be able to make for your child and the big ones are the financial decisions and the healthcare decisions. So, you used to be able to access your kid’s financial accounts, you can’t do that anymore and you also used to be able to make all of their health care decisions and you can’t do that anymore. And the reason I’m mentioning this is a lot of your kids are going to be going off to College or joining the workforce and you want to think about talking with them about having some basic estate planning documents prepared and the documents that I’m referring to are a financial power of attorney and a healthcare power of attorney. And the healthcare power of attorney that we have also includes a HIPAA authorization. So, in the event that your child is incapacitated, you would be able to access their medical records, talk to their doctors on their behalf, and make medical decisions for them and I’m guessing that your kids would want that person to be you.

The problem is obviously they are now adults and the medical providers would want some sort of authorization and this is why we do it. So, I know you never want to think about a situation where your kid is incapacitated. But honestly, I mean it’s better to be prepared and never need those documents than to need those documents and not be prepared. So, please consider giving us a call. We would be so happy to sit down and talk with you about this and walk you through everything and just give you guys a peace of mind, sending your kid off into the world knowing that should anything happen, you will still be there to be able to take care of them. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day.