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The Gig Economy

September 11, 2020

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Legal Tip Tuesday. This is Vince Quatrini. I’m one of the attorneys from the law firm of QuatriniRafferty. Today’s tip? The “Gig Economy.” Oh, what is the Gig Economy? Let’s back up a step. So up until now, if you went to work for the local steel mill, you were an employee of the steel mill. You got a paycheck, fringe benefits, and protection if you got hurt from Workers’ Compensation.

Fast forward to today. You’re the Uber driver who has just taken a suitcase out of the trunk of the car and hurt your back. Uh oh. Who’s going to pay if you can’t work? You’re not an employee of Uber if they have their way. You’re called an “independent contractor.” An independent contractor is not covered under the Workers’ Compensation Act of Pennsylvania. Now what do you do? You can’t work, and you have no income coming in.

So maybe we need Uber drivers and we need a Gig Economy, but you also need protected. We have arguments that would make you an employee of Uber. They (Uber) tell you where to go. They set the terms of your payment. They control your activities. So maybe you really are an employee (of Uber). That’s the short version of the Gig Economy 2018. Thanks for tuning in! Come back soon to the lawyers at QuatriniRafferty. Have a good day.