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Workers’ Compensation and Mental Injuries

August 28, 2018

Video Transcript

Welcome to Legal Tip Tuesday sponsored by the law firm QuatriniRafferty. I’m Mike Routch, and today I’m going to talk about mental injuries that may result from physical work injuries. Sadly, a serious physical trauma at work can lead to depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or other serious mental injury. Sometimes the mental injury can be more debilitating than the physical injury that caused it. Establishing that a mental injury arose from a physical trauma at work can be quite complex. Questions may evolve regarding the nature of the mental condition, the cause of the mental condition, and notice as to when it arose. Additionally, there are many forms of treatment for mental injuries that can be quite costly if they’re denied by the employer or the insurance carrier as being work-related.

Because mental injuries that evolved from physical traumas are not always obvious to the worker, to their family, or to their friends, they may impact the statute of limitations and the notice requirements of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. If you believe that you’ve developed a major depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or any other mental illness as a result of a serious, physical work injury, you should call QuatriniRafferty. We can answer your questions and try and help you discover whether or not the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act covers your mental injury. I’m Mike Routch, thanks for joining us!