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Personal Injury Case Examples

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania — Motorcycle Accident

QR represented the mother of a 17-year-old high school student who was killed in a motor vehicle accident in which the driver of a commercial tractor trailer failed to observe the van’s turn signal and struck it from behind. This caused the death of her son 3 days later due to blunt force trauma to the head. QR first established that the driver of the tractor trailer was searching and reaching for a sandwich in the cab of his truck. As a result, our office brought actions against the truck driver and his employer for both wrongful death and economic losses. Additionally, with the assistance of a medical doctor, we established that our client’s son suffered conscious pain and suffering prior to his death as a result of his injuries.

Prior to filing a lawsuit, QR set up a mediation with the attorneys representing the truck driver and his employer which resulted in a settlement in the amount of $1,500,000.00. We were also able to help our client set up an annual scholarship at her son’s high school with some of the settlement proceeds.

A 37-year-old man from Latrobe, Pennsylvania, suffered serious lacerations of his leg and crush injuries of his left foot in a motorcycle accident on State Route 982 near Kecksburg. A truck owned by a construction company was coming around the curve when an unsecured 55-gallon drum filled with liquid flew off of the back of the truck, striking our client’s motorcycle and impacting his foot. The motorcyclist was thrown from his bike onto the road and life-flighted to a Pittsburgh hospital for surgical treatment of several comminuted metatarsal fractures and metatarsophalangeal joint dislocations, also known as a Lisfranc fracture/dislocation. Part of the treatment involved K-wire fixation of the fractured bones. Our client’s prognosis included arthritic changes and probable future fusion of his midfoot. A lawsuit was filed in Westmoreland County and a substantial settlement was reached before trial began.

Derry Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania — Motorcycle Collision

Our client was traveling on State Route 217 near Blairsville, Pennsylvania, on a motorcycle when a vehicle pulled out onto the road directly into his lane of travel. On impact, our client was ejected from his bike. His injuries included head, neck, and back injuries, as well as a fracture of the right fibula, a displaced fracture of the left medial malleolus, a significantly comminuted fracture of his left great toe, and multiple other injuries. Repair of these injuries included percutaneous pinning and placement of hardware to aid healing. This hardware had to be surgically removed several months after the accident. The personal injury attorneys at Quatrini Rafferty obtained the maximum limits of bodily injury liability insurance as well as underinsured motorist benefits.

Indiana County, Pennsylvania — Fatal Accident Caused By A Drunk Driver

Quatrini Rafferty represented the estates of two young parents who were traveling on State Route 422 in Indiana County, Pennsylvania, on a Sunday evening when a drunk driver traveling the opposite direction crossed the center line and collided head-on with their vehicle. The drunk driver survived, but both of his victims were pronounced dead at the scene. They left behind a son and other family members devastated by this tragic, but preventable accident. The drunk driver was sentenced to a multiple-year prison term. Our office represented the estates of the husband and wife in a lawsuit filed in Indiana County for the benefit of their son. As a result of the civil action, we were able to reach a settlement short of trial for the policy limits available to the drunk driver as well as all underinsured motorist coverage available to the family vehicle involved in the accident. Our firm also assisted the family in applying for benefits through the Victims Compensation Assistance Program and in seeking restitution from the drunk driver through the criminal proceeding.

Westmoreland County, Washington Township, Pennsylvania — Head-On Car Collision

Our client was a 32-year-old teacher traveling to work at 7 a.m. on State Route 66. She was a front-seat passenger carpooling with a co-worker. A vehicle coming the opposite direction struck a tractor-trailer on the road ahead of the vehicle our client occupied. After impacting the rear of the tractor-trailer, the oncoming car continued to cross the center line and strike our client’s vehicle head-on. Our client had to be cut from the wreckage after being trapped for nearly 40 minutes. She had emergency surgery at a Pittsburgh hospital for extensive internal injuries, including lacerations of her liver and a perforated small intestine. She also suffered multiple other injuries, including trauma to her knee that resulted in chondromalacia. Months after her initial hospitalization, she had additional abdominal surgery to repair an umbilical hernia. She also had surgery to repair her Achilles tendon after that tendon ruptured due to the trauma of the accident, which reduced the blood supply to that tendon. After months of rehabilitation, she was able to return to work. After filing a lawsuit, the attorneys at Quatrini Rafferty fought to get her a substantial settlement prior to trial.

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania — Trip-And-Fall

Our client was at a house in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, when she tripped and fell on uneven stairs leading from the front door to the driveway. Her injuries included a fracture to her proximal humerus, which required surgery, damage to her teeth, and multiple other injuries. Our personal injury attorneys worked with an engineer and prepared a report detailing numerous defects in the stairs, including the absence of a handrail, leading to our client’s fall. A lawsuit was filed in Allegheny County and our attorneys obtained a substantial settlement for our client prior to trial.

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania — Rear-End Auto Accident

Our client was traveling on Lloyd Avenue Extension in Latrobe, Pennsylvania and attempted to merge onto Lloyd Avenue. As she was waiting for a break in traffic, another vehicle failed to stop and collided with the rear-end of our client’s vehicle. The impact caused our client’s knee to hit the dashboard, resulting in a tear to her medial meniscus. This injury required our client to undergo three surgeries — two arthroscopic surgeries in which the surgeon performed a partial medial meniscectomy, partial lateral meniscectomy, and chondral shaving. These procedures did not alleviate her pain. Therefore, she underwent a third procedure, a total knee arthroplasty (knee replacement). Throughout this process, our client also received physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. The personal injury attorneys at Quatrini Rafferty met with the client’s doctors to make sure that we had a thorough understanding of the client’s medical condition. A lawsuit was filed in Westmoreland County and the attorneys guided the client through a mediation process and obtained a substantial settlement before a trial began.

Hempfield Township, Pennsylvania — Roll-Over Vehicle Crash

The personal injury attorneys at Quatrini Rafferty represented a woman who was a passenger in a vehicle traveling on Radebaugh Road in Jeannette, Pennsylvania. Another vehicle attempted to pass the one in which our client was traveling and our client’s driver went off the road. The vehicle overturned and our client was life-flighted to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our client’s injuries included a right mandibular fracture, a large right lower jaw laceration that was so deep her muscle was exposed, a right upper quadrant abdominal wall laceration, and other serious injuries. She required surgical intervention to repair the fracture and laceration. The personal injury attorneys obtained the maximum limits of bodily injury liability insurance from both drivers.

Derry Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania — Head-On Collision On Route 22

We traveled to our client’s home to meet with her because she was confined to a hospital bed due to her serious injuries. This collision occurred because a driver going the opposite direction in a pickup truck lost control of his vehicle and crashed through the median barrier before hitting our client’s vehicle head-on. She was on her way home from a college class; she was studying to obtain her degree as a registered nurse.

Our client suffered a concussion, fractured ribs, punctured lung, an open tibial shaft comminuted fracture and a closed patella fracture of one leg and a distal femur comminuted fracture of her other leg. She was admitted to a Pittsburgh hospital for over three weeks. When she was discharged, she was not permitted to bear weight on her feet for weeks. She underwent multiple surgeries after her discharge from her initial hospital admission. Also, she lost her job as a result of her injuries. We obtained the full amount of liability coverage from the pickup truck driver as well as our client’s underinsured motorist coverage.

Our office assisted her in a Social Security Disability claim as her injuries will keep her from working for over one year.