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Real Estate Case Examples

A widow contacted QR about her family home which unfortunately was only in her husband’s name at the time of his death. The deceased husband did not have a will when he unexpectedly passed away, and the couple had two adult children. The widow was under the mistaken impression that the property where she and her husband resided for the past 24 years automatically passed to her without further action. That is not the case. In order to secure ownership of her family home for the widow, we opened an estate at the Courthouse for the husband which necessitated the cooperation of the widow’s two children who had an interest in the estate (the family home) by law since the husband (and father) died without a will. With their cooperation, our client was able to stay in her home.

When Mary passed away at the age of 95, she had accumulated a large quantity of United States Series EE Savings Bonds, many of which were made to pay to her cousins at Mary’s death but all of whom had unfortunately died years before Mary. Mary’s nephew was the executor of her estate and had very little knowledge of the named cousins’ surviving relatives. Over a number of months, QR was able to investigate and locate either survivors of the named individuals or information about their deaths since original death certificates were required to process and cash out Savings Bonds in this case. We completed applications in a number of states to obtain original death certificates for these cousins. Since the cousins died before Mary and we were able to appropriately confirm that information, the estate was entitled to the proceeds of the bonds.