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Legal Tip Tuesday Health Safety Tip

August 10, 2021


Hello and welcome to a special edition of Legal Tip Tuesday this is Vince Quatrini at Quatrini Rafferty and this week we’re calling it Health Tip Tuesday the CDC has announced that every county in Southwestern Pennsylvania has reached substantial status of covet distribution that’s the second highest category of all in fact Bedford County is in the highest category the number of new covet cases is rising every day Pennsylvania is averaging a thousand per day that Delta Variant has become the leading strain of the disease why is all of this important because it comes with a recommendation from the CDC that we have to wear masks indoors whether we’re vaccinated or not vaccinated we’re all pandemic weary in fact some major businesses have reestablished wearing a mask giant eagle among them yes we’re all pandemic weary but we can’t let down now we’re so close remember this disease has killed six hundred thousand people already please please get vaccinated you owe it to you and you owe it to everybody around you so at QR we’re going to follow the CDC mandate recommendation whichever terminology you want we’ve reinstalled reinstated a mask policy all visitors clients staff are going to wear masks if you can’t wear a mask just let us know we’ll make special arrangements for you the we won’t let mask wearing interfere with our obligation to solve your legal problem you’re the reason we’re here so make sure we know if you are uncomfortable or cannot wear a mask inside our office so we’re here for you 24 7. just as always we’re seeing clients in the office we have our answering service if you need it it’s actually coming directly to us and not through an answering service so I’d end up saying be safe and please consider getting vaccinated this is Vince Quatrini with this special edition of Legal Tip Tuesday called Health Tip Tuesday take care.