Meet Nick Kennedy, of the Greensburg Kennedys

October 27, 2020

Video Transcript

Brian: Okay, we’re here with Nick Kennedy and the first question we’ll do a little interview here to get to know you, Nick. First question is, the Kennedy family or not the Kennedy family?

Nick: We’re the Greensburg Kennedy family. Very well renowned branch of the Kennedy family.

Brian: How would your ten-year-old self react to what you are doing now for a living?

Nick: Good question. I think my ten-year-old self would be proud. You know I was involved mock trial in high school, and I know 10 years old is prior to that, but I think this is the place that I could envision myself being.

Brian: So, what’s your career highlights so far, and I know you’re not young, but what’s your career highlights so far that you’re most proud of?

Nick: Being able to work with you, Brian.

Brian: That’s a joy.

Nick: It’s my career highlight. Seriously, in terms of career highlight, I would have to say…that’s a tough one. You know I’s have to say I really enjoyed my time in New York City working in foreclosure defense and there were a lot of people’s houses I was able to save through my work and it was very important to me and very meaningful work, so, I really enjoy that.

Brian: And how do you deal with a client that comes in that’s just having, you know the people that we represent don’t have the rosiest of circumstances. It’s not like we’re representing people who have won the lottery and we get to help claim their prize for them. How do you deal with the emotionality that’s in there with the clients that come into your office?

Nick: It takes empathy I think, it’s the most important thing. You know, I think I’m good at empathizing with individuals and it’s important for me to take the time to listen and to understand their problems, not just their legal problems, because in our line of work, you have to look at the whole picture because you can’t just diagnose the legal problem because people are struggling with a lot of issues when they lose a job or when they’re dealing with social security disability issues. So, you have to take a holistic view. I take my time, I’m very patient. I like to I think I’m a good listener. I just treat you as I want to be treated, you know, follow the golden rule.

Brian: So, you’re from Greensburg but don’t live in Greensburg currently.

Nick: That’s true I live in Pittsburgh.

Brian: So, what do you do on your commute to work? What’s the Kennedy commute to work like?

Nick: Audio books and podcast.

Brian: So, let’s go through a little speed round here and some fun stuff. So, what’s your favorite book?

Nick: City of Thieves I would say.

Brian: Favorite movie?

Nick: I don’t know, Shawshank Redemption, maybe?

Brian: How about favorite board game?

Nick: Monopoly.

Brian: Capitalist I see. Okay, in the summer, this is the most important question I have on my list. In the summer beach or camping and why?

Nick: Beach. I love to swim. I like to scuba dive. So, that’s my highlight really.

Brian: Cool. Well, I hope people get to know you and that’s cool! Thanks.