Welcome Nicholas W. Kennedy, Esq.

October 1, 2019

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Legal Tip Tuesday! This Tuesday we have a really fun announcement. I’m here with our newest young associate, and one of my friends, Nick Kennedy. Welcome to the firm, Nick! Thank you very much, I’m very happy to be here! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Sure, I’m actually a Greensburg native, I was born and raised here, I went to Hempfield High. And I stayed in the area for college, and law school, I’m a Pitt grad and I still live in the area. Nick, what specifically do you do in the legal world? I do Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability, Veteran’s Disability, what do you do? So, I specialize in Employee Rights & Discrimination and I cover all aspects of Embayment Law. So, I came to QuatriniRafferty to help their clients in matters such as unemployment, with appeals, and helping with the paperwork. I represent employees in employment discrimination lawsuits, I review employment agreements, and I litigate all matters related to employment.

When you talk about employment discrimination, what are some of the general topics where people could be discriminated against. Absolutely, a number of areas: age discrimination, disability discrimination, there’s discrimination if you take FLMA leave, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and there’s a range of other areas including also religious discrimination, and under disability discrimination there’s a subset of different groups that fall under that. So, it’s a range of topics that we provide if you believe that you’ve been discriminated against. I’m happy to talk to you, consult on any questions that you have so I can evaluate whether there is a possible legal action. Well thanks, we’re really excited to have you here and QuatriniRafferty is always trying to put together the best team to protect any of the people out there in the workforce when they’re injured, even when they’re not injured, if they’re not being treated fairly. It’s fun to have Nick here to protect you. So, thank you, enjoy the rest of your Tuesday. Thank you.