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Walking You Through The VA Disability System

The process for obtaining benefits is similar to applying for Social Security Disability. Our law firm assists veterans in submitting an application (VA Form 26-526), which describes your injuries and details the connection between your injuries and the particular service-related event.

We cannot charge a fee for helping you with a VA disability application.

A specific description of the service-related event is critical, along with medical evidence supporting the connection between the event and the injuries/condition. Official military documentation of the event is very beneficial to the claim, as is a plain statement from you (statement in support of claim). Fellow service members may also submit statements in support of claim on your behalf.

Discharge or separation papers (DD 214 or equivalent) are also needed. It should be noted that disability benefits are not available for those who received a dishonorable discharge.

Once the application is complete it is submitted to a local VA office for review. The local office makes a decision as to (1) whether the claim is service connected and if so, (2) the percentage of disability assigned to the injury.

Contact us online or call 888-534-6016 for assistance in obtaining advice on applying for veterans disability compensation benefits or appealing an unfavorable decision.