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Healing Through Chiropractic Care Seminar A Success!

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2017 | Events |

Thank you to Dr. Samuels and Dr. Smith of Align Chiropractic Wellness Center for presenting at our second Road to Recovery Wellness Seminar! Attendees had a blast learning all about the healthy benefits of chiropractic care via Align’s fun and interactive presentation.

*FUN TIP FROM ALIGN: Your car’s headrest positioning is crucial in helping to prevent whiplash during a car accident. Make sure that your headrest sits up against the middle of your head so that in the event of a crash, your head hits the rest directly and doesn’t hyperextend backwards.

Here at QR, we’re here for our clients during the entirety of their “Road to Recovery.” We’re so glad that we can provide our clients, friends, and communities with free wellness seminars like this one to help educate them on alternative treatments and therapies.

Next up: Healing Through Yoga with Red Brick Yoga Studio on Wednesday, October 25th at QR Latrobe!

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