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A new law in Pennsylvania called "Libre's Law" requires that dog owners limit outdoor tethering to only 30 minutes per day during winter months (defined by temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit). The law seeks to encourage dog owners to recognize the harmful effects of long-term cold weather exposure on their furry friends, and will be strictly enforced throughout the state this winter season.

Healing Through Yoga Seminar Recap

We had a wonderful time cohosting "Healing Through Yoga," our last Road to Recovery seminar, with Angela of Red Brick Yoga! Attendees had the opportunity to work with Angela to develop calming breathing techniques, meditate, and pose for proper alignment. This interactive session greatly benefited attendees as they can take what they learned and apply it to their own lives on their own time!

Injured On Your Commute To Or From Work? You Could Be Entitled to Workers' Compensation Benefits!

A young man was a worker-in-training for Dunkin Donuts. His employer owned three different locations in Pennsylvania - Wyncote, Hatfield, and Horsham. The young man was assigned to Wyncote. His job included delivering product between the three locations and filling in for sick employees. One day, his employer called him and instructed him to fill in for a sick worker at the Hatfield location.


When we say that QR attorneys know the law, we mean it! Today, for example, our Personal Injury Team -- Dennis Rafferty, Joyce Novotny-Prettiman, and Jessica Rafferty -- made a presentation to approximately thirty Westmoreland County attorneys about optimizing their clients' uninsured and underinsured motorist claims. In the continuing legal education presentation, "Untangling UM/UIM Auto Coverage," the QR legal team discussed verifying coverage, making a timely claim, and recognizing complicated policy exclusions. Big thanks to the Westmoreland Bar Association for hosting this event!

Equifax Cyberattack: What You Need to Know

In lieu of Equifax's breach, questions are spinning around whether victims should freeze their credit or sign up for the free credit monitoring Equifax is now offering. Here's our advice to keep you and your credit out of danger:

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