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Q&A with QR: "What is the Most Important Thing I Should Know About Buying Auto Insurance?"

DBR QA with QR .jpgUninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage is the most valuable part of your auto insurance policy. Without this coverage you are in danger of becoming a victim of a "coverage tragedy." This coverage provides protection to you and your family from drivers who have little or no liability insurance. Get as much uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage as you can afford! If you would like your auto policy reviewed, give us a call. We will review your policy with you for free. 

LIFETIME LEGAL CARE®: A Way of Life at QuatriniRafferty

SKY_1153-EditRES.jpgRepresenting injured workers has been a way of life for me for 44 years. I started to practice law in 1974. I had no idea what kind of cases I would handle - they don't teach you that in law school!Frank Pawlosky showed up one day. He worked for Rolling Rock cleaning the beer vats. The chemicals made his asthma get so bad that he had to stop working. I filed a claim for him. The Judge found that he was not entitled to Workers' Compensation since the chemicals did not cause his asthma, only aggravated it. I appealed. I lost. I appealed again. I lost. Ten years and three appeals later, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania agreed that Frank Pawlosky was injured at work and they awarded him disability benefits. Needless to say, I found my niche in the law.Today, the climate for injured workers is not as favorable as it was in 1984. Harrisburg has taken away important rights. Our appellate courts are filled with judges who are not very sympathetic to the plight of the injured worker. Attorneys who advertise on TV give injured workers and the whole system a bad image.

The 2018 Boston Marathon Through the Eyes (& Feet!) of Attorney Jessica Rafferty

Jess@BostonMarathon.jpgAs some of you may already know, I love to run. I have always loved it even though I didn't run in high school or college (I played tennis). In 2001 spent my fall semester in Washington, D.C. during my time in college and all of the runners around there were gearing up for the Marine Corps Marathon. I never really gave running a marathon any thought, but this sparked my interest. I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon and I ran my first marathon in 2002.

QuatriniRafferty Sponsors "Art in the Alley"Reception

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Art In The Alley.jpgQR is honored to have sponsored the "Art in the Alley" reception last evening at The Palace Theatre. Art in the Alley, an innovative community project located between The Palace and The Union Trust building in downtown Greensburg, is an interactive art project featuring original works by "Incubator for the Arts" local and student artists. The project was funded by The Second Chance Fund, an endowment of The Community Foundation of Westmoreland County, in memory of Fred Cecchini and Kimberly Cecchini, family members of Vince, Michael, and Adam Quatrini.


Thumbnail image for Brian Patrick Bronson.jpg"In the state of Pennsylvania, Short-Term and Long-Term Disability insurance coverage are not mandatory insurance coverages, such as Workers' Compensation. Therefore, it is dependent on your employer to carry such coverage, or for you to purchase an individual policy on your own from an insurance carrier. Usually, you can find out whether your employer offers Short-Term or Long-Term Disability coverage by contacting your Human Resources Department and/or reviewing your employee manual.


Matthew M. HerronRES.jpgThe Pittsburgh Post-Gazette asked our very own Attorney Matthew Herron, bankruptcy attorney for The Debt Doctors at QuatriniRafferty, to provide his trusted input on this very important, very real problem for many senior citizens in the greater Pittsburgh area. Click below to read the full article:


Thumbnail image for SKY_1153-EditRES.jpgWhen a client walks through our door, his/her life has been unexpectedly turned upside down.

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