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COVID-19: A QuatriniRafferty Update

COVID - 19 continues to change rapidly. Please check back here, periodically. We will do our best to keep you in the loop with our QR game plan. FIRST and foremost. We are open for business - remotely. We put a crisis plan in place along time ago. We are prepared for...

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Our attorneys have devoted their lives to protecting the rights of our clients. Our commitment will continue through this unparalleled health worry. Our challenge, at QuatriniRafferty, is to balance concern for the health and welfare of our employees with our...

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6 steps to take after a car accident

You're on your way back home after visiting Pittsburgh, driving on Interstate 376. Suddenly, a driver cuts you off too closely and hits your car. You spin out and crash into the other driver. Once your car comes to a stop, you quickly do a check to make sure you and...

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