Work is important. However, if you are seriously injured, going to work just isn’t an option. At the Quatrini Law Group, we help individuals injured on the job claim the workers’ compensation benefits they need. Countless injured people throughout the Greensburg, Pittsburgh, Latrobe, and Altoona regions of Western Pennsylvania have relied on our attorneys for experienced and effective representation through all of the stages and hearings involved in the workers’ compensation process.

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A Strong Track Record Of Success

At Quatrini Law Group, our lawyers have extensive experience and a strong track record of success for clients in the following areas:

Under Pennsylvania labor laws, an employee who suffers an injury in a workplace accident, or as the result of performing his or her duties, can be entitled to:

  • Two-thirds of weekly lost wages up to a set maximum amount
  • Immediate medical benefits
  • Benefits for physical rehabilitation
  • Benefits for temporary disability, permanent partial disability, and total disability

You do not have to be involved in a specific accident while at work for your injury claim to be valid. Injuries arising from repetitive occupational activities can be just as debilitating.

Back problems, cartilage damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, and traumatic arthritis are not uncommon and have been recognized as legitimate bases for workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation hearings take place in several different locations across the region. Visit our page on workers’ compensation offices of adjudication to find an office near you.

To speak with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, contact the law offices of Quatrini Law Group and arrange for a free case evaluation today.

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Case Examples

Danielle, a corrections officer, was attacked by an inmate. Danielle now suffers from anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The Commonwealth placed Danielle on Heart and Lung benefits, a temporary Disability statute which protects law enforcement personnel. Quatrini Law Group attorney Vince Quatrini recognized that the Commonwealth placed Danielle on the wrong benefit program. Vince convinced the commonwealth to switch Danielle to Act 534/632 benefits specially designed for law enforcement employees who are injured by inmates in their custody.  It is a permanent disability benefit. As a result, when the Commonwealth approached Danielle to settle her claim, Vince was able to negotiate a disability pension for her and a more substantial cash lump sum. Expertise found! Bravo Vince!

Adam Quatrini obtained reinstatement of workers’ compensation checks for Matthew from Acme, PA, after the insurance company stopped his checks in violation of the Workers Compensation Act.  Adam also won Matthew’s claim for Social Security Disability.  Matthew is a career union worker who severely injured his shoulder working at a natural gas site.

Carrie, from Pittsburgh, suffered burns to her neck from a steam leak at her sanitation job.
WC refused to recognize a disfigurement claim.  Quatrini Law Group attorney Vince Quatrini immediately filed a petition, laid out a detailed description – skin color changes, roughness, length, width – coupled with before and after pictures, to the WC judge.  The result – the WC carrier agreed to pay more than 30 weeks of disfigurement benefits to Carrie.  Bravo Vince!

Jim, 53, a lifetime iron worker, suffered a career ending ankle injury.  The workers compensation carrier sent him for a medical evaluation which confirmed the serious nature of the injury.  Vince worked with Jim’s treating physician to make sure the workers compensation carrier did not push Jim into a dead end position, just to get the case closed.  Vince also worked with Jim to come up with a financial game plan and was able to resolve Jim’s work injury claim, very favorably.

Vince Quatrini, one of QLG’s certified workers compensation specialists, recently obtained a six-figure settlement for Mark, from central Westmoreland County.  Mark was injured when the snow removal crew for another company failed to salt the walkway between buildings.  Mark slipped on the black ice, fell, and suffered multiple injuries.

Christine suffered a work-related shoulder injury from repetitive activity at work.  The employer refused to accept the claim as work-related.  Accordingly, we pursued a Claim Petition on her behalf which required that she be evaluated by a medical expert to determine if her injury did result from her work activity.  The medical expert confirmed it was a work injury.  Thereafter, Christine’s employer accepted the injury and paid for subsequent surgery to improve her shoulder condition.

Ron Fonner, one of QLG’s Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialists, recently convinced the workers’ compensation insurance company to significantly increase our client’s weekly workers’ compensation rate. The insurance company had incorrectly calculated our client’s average weekly wage, which is used to determine the weekly benefit amount. The insurance company incorrectly categorized our client’s work as seasonal work, because he only performed the work in the spring, summer and fall. However, Mr. Fonner convinced the insurance company that this does not render his work seasonal, which, in turn, led to an increase in his weekly benefits.

Dan suffered for years with pain following a work-related ankle fracture.  He continued to work while he sought different types of treatment to overcome his pain. Eventually, Dan could not longer tolerate his continued pain and sought a way to resolve his case and retire.  We assisted Dan in negotiating a fair resolution of his workers’ compensation case which enabled him to retire and have sufficient income until he qualified for Social Security disability.

Quatrini Law Group represented a laborer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who sustained a traumatic injury to his lumbar spine after falling 15 feet through a hole in the roof of a building on his jobsite. The injured worker was transported immediately to West Virginia University (WVU) hospital in Morgantown, WV and surgery was performed to repair a L2 burst fracture, including a L1-L3 posterior fusion with instrumentation. Following the hospital stay, the injured worker requested payment of lost wages and medical bills, but his employer refused on the basis that he was an independent contractor. Further complicating the matter was that our client spoke very little English, which prohibited him from understanding the complexity of his medical and legal situation. After filing a Claim Petition with the Pittsburgh Workers’ Compensation Office of Adjudication, QLG coordinated translation services for our client to better understand the workers’ compensation process, prepare for his hearing, attend and testify in front of the Workers’ Compensation Judge, and attend his mediation/settlement conference. Utilizing updated medical records and pricing out future medical costs, QLG was able to secure several years of lost wages and payment of all outstanding medical bills.