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Drunk Driving Accidents

Everyone knows all too well the devastating and even fatal consequences that can result from one individual’s reckless decision to get behind the wheel after drinking.

At the Greensburg law firm of QuatriniRafferty, our lawyers fight to protect the rights and interests of families and individuals in Western Pennsylvania who have been the victims of someone else’s drunk driving. We are very thorough in our accident investigations and highly skilled at litigating these cases before juries.

In the state of Pennsylvania:

  • A person in excess of the maximum blood alcohol content limit is automatically considered to be negligent and liable.
  • Damages for pain and suffering may be sought regardless of your insurance choice.
  • Punitive damages can be awarded by juries in these cases.
  • Bars, restaurants, or other parties may be held liable.
  • In cases of death, vehicular manslaughter and other charges may be filed.

Vehicular Manslaughter Lawsuits

Sometimes there are third parties responsible in these cases. Individuals and establishments that serve alcohol to obviously intoxicated persons can also be found liable under Pennsylvania “dram shop” statutes.

Generally, a lawsuit in these cases is difficult to pursue because proof of the individual’s intoxication is required. But whenever possible, we will explore this avenue of investigation to see if these legal actions are available to you.

All Fees Are On A Contingent Basis. We Advance All Costs. If We Don’t Win, You Pay Nothing.

Contact an experienced Pennsylvania drunk driving accident attorney at QuatriniRafferty today.