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A denial of workers’ compensation benefits typically occurs due to an employer’s insurance doctor claiming an employee’s injuries are not severe, or are due to a pre-existing condition. Once a claim for workers’ compensation has been denied, an employer may expect an injured employee to return to work sooner than he or she is able, while forcing them to use available vacation time to cover lost wages. At Quatrini Law Group, our lawyers represent injured workers who have been denied workers’ compensation benefits. We assert our client’s rights in the workplace, protecting them from unlawful termination and retaliatory actions on the part of their employer.

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Denial Of Workers’ Compensation

Most employers view an injured worker as a financial liability: their insurer must pay medical expenses and lost productivity costs from the company money. Added to this is the fact that insurance companies are in business to make money. As a result, doctors working for an employer’s insurance carrier often minimize the injured person’s losses.

Consequently, when injuries related to musculoskeletal problems are aggravated at work, it’s not uncommon for an insurance doctor to claim they are due to a pre-existing condition not covered under workers’ compensation. For example, suppose you have a herniated disk from an old car accident injury. One day, your back goes out while lifting a 50-pound box at work. The examining physician for your employer’s insurance company claims it was the car accident that caused your back problem — not lifting the box. You then find yourself out of work without any benefits to cover medical expense or lost wages.

And Why Getting A Second Opinion Is Important

Regardless of whether you’ve been denied workers’ compensation yet or not, getting a second opinion is essential for protecting yourself, your job, and your long-term interests. In certain cases, an injury may lead to long-term disability. Getting a second opinion early in the process not only ensures your injuries will be objectively evaluated by a doctor who has no financial stake in your case, but also establishes the scope and nature of your injuries. Further, additional tests and diagnostic procedures can be undertaken to challenge negative findings of your company’s insurance doctor.

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