How To File A Workers’ Comp Claim

After sustaining a work injury, employees have a right to receive workers’ compensation. However, you have to file a claim before you can obtain benefits.

The Greensburg attorneys at Quatrini Law Group provide you with comprehensive assistance through the entire process, all the way from filing your workers’ comp claim to assisting even after you receive your benefits.

The Steps To Filing A Claim

  1. Document the scene of the accident: If you can, keep the scene of the accident as it was. Take pictures, record the details, and collect statements from co-workers who witnessed the accident.
  2. Get medical attention immediately: In many cases, work accidents lead to severe injuries that require emergency treatment. Your well-being is important, so seeking medical attention is the most important step.
  3. Report your injury to your employer: In Pennsylvania, you have 120 days to inform your employer of the accident and your injuries.
  4. Follow your employer’s instructions: After you report the accident to your employer, they will instruct you to see one of their insurance company’s doctors. They will also tell you to file a claim with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.
  5. Seek a second opinion: It is important to get a second opinion about your injuries with your own doctor or one from our trusted network of medical professionals.
  6. Keep track of your injuries: Many minor aches or injuries can often add up to a more severe injury or disability long after the accident. However, you can still receive benefits for developed injuries, as they still stem from the initial work injury.
  7. Speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer: Contact the Quatrini Law Group to guide you through this process. It may seem straightforward, but the workers’ comp process can be complex. We will protect your rights while ensuring you get the most out of your claim and recovery.

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