Common Problems With Workers’ Comp Claims

Even though you have a right to workers’ comp benefits, the process of recovering them is often complex. Here are some of the most common issues employees and their families face when filing a claim.

Problems Workers Face With Claims

The common challenges that workers run into include:

  • Missed deadlines: There are deadlines to report the accident to your employer and file your claim, as well as many other steps you must take to receive your benefits.
  • Problems with your paperwork: Workers’ compensation claims involve a lot of paperwork, and it is essential to file it properly because one mistake could lead to a denial of your benefits.
  • Lack of evidence: It is up to the employee to prove that they sustained their injury or illness on the job. If you lack medical proof or documentation of the accident, there is a chance that your employer will deny your claim.
  • Signing your benefits away too soon: If you return to work too early, you risk signing your rights to maximum workers’ comp benefits away.
  • Accepting a small settlement: Employers and their insurers may try to convince you to take a smaller settlement than you deserve. Unfortunately, they are often more concerned with protecting their own finances than with your recovery. Contact a workers’ compensation lawyer to protect your rights and make sure you obtain your full benefits.

Proven And Effective Assistance

You should not have to worry about any of these problems while recovering from a work injury. Let us handle them while you focus on healing.

At QuatriniRafferty, our attorneys have extensive experience navigating Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claims. Even if you come across these common problems, we have the skills to help you get back on track to recovering your rightful benefits.

And if your employer denies your claim, we will assist you through the appeals process to ensure you get the best possible care.

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