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Did You Know?

By Peter J. Gough, Esquire

Did you know that an employee who sustains a work injury, and later returns to work with any restrictions, may qualify for ongoing wage loss benefits? Or that a worker whose injury prevents him or her from doing even one of the job duties may also qualify for wage loss benefits? These wage loss benefits are available to the employee both while working or even if laid off.

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act recognizes injured workers to be at a disadvantage compared to noninjured workers. If an injured worker is laid off for any reason or is unable to work for as many hours, the worker is entitled to wage loss benefits.

Even if the worker is receiving unemployment compensation benefits, he or she can still receive workers’ compensation wage loss benefits. However, the employer would be entitled to a credit for any net unemployment benefits the worker received.

In short, an injured worker is entitled to wage loss and medical benefits if the worker is:

  • hurt at work
  • still affected by the work injury
  • prevented from performing any pre-injury duties because of the work injury
  • making less money than before the injury
  • laid off from work due to no fault of his or her own

If any of the above facts apply to you, please contact us immediately.