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On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Workers Compensation |

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Are you working for an agency and providing home health care?

Are you the caregiver for your 87 year old mother, but getting paid through an agency? 

Have you signed a caregiver agreement acknowledging that you are not an employee of the agency, but rather what they call an “independent contractor?”

If so, beware. The agency is trying to insulate itself against a Workers’ Compensation claim if you trip over the lamp cord, slam your head against the wall, and suffer a concussion. The insurance company is saying that if you get hurt, you are on your own. You are in the same situation as the painter you hired to paint the bedroom. You are an “independent contractor” and not an employee. So if you get injured in the workplace, you will not be covered by Workers’ Compensation. You will have no income protection.

The morale of the story: Call us before you sign any document that looks like it is trying to exclude you as an employee.

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