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On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2012 | General |

Does it seem that nothing is made in the “good ol’ U.S. of A.” anymore? All one has to do is walk down the aisle at a local Wal-Mart to realize that the majority of the things we buy everyday are made in China and other countries, but many products are still American-made. Buying American stimulates the economy and keeps jobs right here where they belong. If you are not sure where something is made, there are numerous websites that can help you answer that question, such as

Why buy American?

  • Foreign labor standards may allow unsafe working conditions and child labor.
  • Many countries have no minimum wage restrictions.
  • The decline of American factory production makes us more dependent on foreign-made goods.
  • Foreign manufacturing standards can be low, unregulated or non-existent, resulting in unsafe products such as children’s toys containing lead paint, and baby formula with dangerous additives.
  • Choosing American preserves jobs for future generations.

Buy American – and help keep America working!

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