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Prudential Insurance Company Admits That It Is Wrong In Denying Long Term Disability Benefits

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2014 | ERISA |

Prudential Insurance Company recently overturned a long term disability denial for our client under an own occupation period of disability. Our client worked for a large hospital system as a vascular lab technologist. The client was suffering from relapsing, remitting Multiple Sclerosis with optical neuritis and migraines. Prudential originally denied benefits based upon their opinion that the medical records showed no evidence that the claimant’s physical condition has significantly changed from baseline or that she was experiencing active flare of her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. On appeal, our long term disability team prepared documents and obtained support from the claimant’s treating neurologist and other physicians in support of her claim for benefits under the plan. Following the submission of the appeal documents, Prudential reversed their decision to deny the client benefits and admitted that client was, in fact, disabled under the terms of the plan.

We were extremely happy that we were able to overturn the decision of Prudential in such a short period of time for our client. Not only did Prudential admit that our client was disabled but they awarded benefits prospectively through the own occupation period.

As in all of our long term disability cases, our firm charged a contingent fee and advanced costs on behalf of our client so that our client could proceed with the appeal in a fair and just manner