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Don’t Risk It: Consider Purchasing Mine Subsidence Insurance

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2017 | News |

If you reside in Western Pennsylvania, there is a very good chance that your home sits on top of an abandoned mine. Recently, a home in Latrobe had to be evacuated and then demolished because of the damage that occurred through mine subsidence. The poor homeowner not only lost her home, but still had to pay her remaining mortgage due to inadequate insurance coverage! Click here to read the full story:

Just like this Latrobe homeowner, many people do not realize that a standard home owner’s insurance policy does not cover mine subsidence issues until it is too late. Due to the large number of underground mines in our area, we advise that all of our clients research their home addresses at this link to see if their property could be at risk for mine subsidence:

If you find that your home could be at risk, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection at 800-922-1678 or to learn more about purchasing mine subsidence insurance. Mine subsidence insurance premiums* are based on the value of a home, up to $500,000.00, and are very affordable. For example, the cost of a mine subsidence insurance policy for a $250,000.00 property for one year of protection is approximately $132.50.

The attorneys at Quatrinini Rafferty are here for you no matter what life circumstance you might face. We hope that this blog post will encourage you to research your property locations and take the next steps to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected.

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*Please note that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers a discounted rate for senior citizens.

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