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How To Prevent Back Injuries While Working On A Construction Site

On Behalf of | May 17, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Everyone knows that a construction site can be a dangerous place to work. Construction workers must be extra careful to avoid falling, tripping, and moving awkward and heavy objects on a construction project.

One of the most common injuries among construction workers is a back injury, such as a herniated disc. A back injury may happen suddenly, as the result of one incident, or it can be the result of years of excessive force or repetitive motion that causes low back pain. What can a construction worker do to reduce or prevent back pain?

Five Ways To Protect Your Back At Work

We know from many years of experience that there are a number of techniques construction workers can implement into their work routine that reduce the risk of lower back pain or a herniated disc:

  1. Use proper form while lifting – While this is a standard piece of advice for most workers, it is essential to use the correct form while lifting heavy objects, especially in a construction zone. Make sure you are using your legs and core to move the object up to your waistline. Try to relieve as much tension from your back as possible.
  2. Pay attention to your body – If you notice new pains or strains in your back, listen to that pain. Do not ignore it and let it grow into a more significant problem. Try changing techniques; modify your duties or visit a doctor if the pain worsens.
  3. Add variety to your daily routine – Explore different ways to perform your daily tasks. By adding variety into your workday obligations, you are better able to avoid a potential repetitive strain on your back or joints. Try using lifts and/or utilizing multiple employees to carry more massive objects to start.
  4. Take breaks during your shift – Taking a proper rest at your site helps you to avoid accidents and decreases the force on your lower back. Consider taking 15-minute breaks at least every few hours for the best results.
  5. Use the tools around you – At construction sites, there are a variety of resources to help your transport materials from one area to another. When possible, use the forklift, dollies, and hoists to help you with the heavy, awkward lifting.

While these tips aim to help construction workers avoid back injuries, we also realize that injuries aren’t always preventable.

Pennsylvania does offer workers’ compensation to injured employees in all industries, including construction. Our Workers’ Compensation attorneys recommend that if you feel you are injured, you should report the injury immediately to a supervisor. Notice is critical. If you have questions, or your injury has been denied, please call our Workers’ Compensation attorneys. We provide a free consultation.

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