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Workers’ compensation: Airport safety under scrutiny

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Employees across industries in Pennsylvania want their companies to make their safety a priority. Most businesses are careful to ensure that those who work for them will not be unnecessarily exposed to harm. Unfortunately, accidents on the job still happen and employees often have to make use of workers compensation to take care of themselves and their families. The hope is that when these incidents happen, companies will learn from them and implement safety measures to prevent any further problems. Some employees at one international airport are saying that isn’t happening after the death of one of their co-workers.

Recently, an employee was driving a tug vehicle, hauling luggage, in the evening at the airport. A piece of luggage had fallen onto the tarmac and he swerved to miss it. The tug still struck the bag, causing the tug to roll. The employee was ejected from the vehicle and pinned under it. First responders took him to a local hospital for treatment, but he did not survive.

Some of his co-workers, speaking to the media anonymously, are worried that something similar could happen to them. They want the airport to install better lighting or put reflectors on bags. The fears aren’t unfounded since the Flight Safety Foundation estimates that around 243,000 people around the world get hurt on the grounds of an airport every year. The investigation into this particular incident is still going on.

Death at a workplace like this one can have a significant impact on an employee’s family. They may need the income that employee provided, not to mention the emotional trauma that is likely to result. The families of employees killed on the job may have the right to receive workers’ compensation survivors’ benefits.

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