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Common reasons for workers’ compensation denials

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2020 | Workers Compensation |

It’s crucial to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits – immediately – after a work injury, especially if you cannot return to the job. Workers Compensation benefits are designed to replace lost income, pay for medical costs, pay for retraining if needed, compensate you for permanent injuries, or provide benefits to your loved ones if you die on the job.

Failing to give notice of your injury timely is one of many reasons why claims are denied in Pennsylvania. Many times even when you do everything right, insurance companies will look for any reason to reject a claim. Insurance carriers do not volunteer to pay claims.

Reasons for rejected claims

Below are just some of the many reasons why surance companies reject claims:

  • The injury did not occur during regular work activities
  • You did not notify your employer promptly
  • Paperwork was not filed within the specified time
  • You did not see a doctor approved by your employer and its insurer
  • A pre-existing injury or condition is involved
  • The injury resulted from non-work-related behavior such as horseplay or an altercation
  • You are unable to explain how the injury happened
  • Your employer disputes the claim

The good news is that even when a workers’ compensation claim is rejected, that is not the end of the process.

Experienced legal help is essential

At QuatriniRafferty we have six attorneys who handle injury claims – all day, every day. If your claim has been denied for any reason, please contact us now. The initial consultation is free. We will conduct a phone interview or in person interview in one of our four offices – Greensburg, Latrobe, Pittsburgh, and Altoona. The insurance company will not reverse the denial of your claim. You must file a claim petition.  We will file the claim petition as soon as we have all the critical information.

Call us at 888 – 534 6016. We answer 24/7 because we know that injuries and disability do not only happen from nine to five!


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