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Short and Long Term Disability: The Basics

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Long-Term Disability |

Written by Brian Patrick Bronson, Esq.

Who Qualifies

These insurance policies are a little known benefit available to most employees through their employer. About half of large and mid-sized employers offer it to their workers.  The injury or illness need not be work related.  Short- and Long-Term Disability benefits are a monthly benefit (usually 60 percent of your wages) available to individuals who are unable to perform their specific occupation due to physical and/or mentally impairments.

What Constitutes Disability?

Benefits are typically paid on Short-Term Disability for 26 weeks if you cannot perform your regular occupation.  Long-Term Disability benefits are typically paid for two years if you cannot perform your specific occupation. After two years, individuals must show they are unable to perform any type of gainful employment.

How to Appeal?

Unfortunately, insurance carriers routinely deny benefits after an initial application, or move to terminate benefits after any improvement in the medical condition(s).  In either case, you should request a copy of your Short- and Long-Term Disability policies in writing and contact QuatriniRafferty for a free consultation to review the insurance policy and your appeal options. Remember that the timelines for appeal vary by insurance plan and that a failure to file an appeal in time can be fatal to your claim.