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Amazon’s Defective Product Problems Continue

by | Jun 28, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Never has Amazon played such an essential role in delivering much-needed products to homes throughout the nation. Those willing to take a quick run to the store are now turning to online options. The lower-price bargains offered combined with free shipping for Prime Members create convenience beyond anyone’s imagination.

When a package arrives, a customer receives a notification. Anticipating what is inside, they start to peel the tape from the box. Yet, when they open it and start using the item, many have gotten much more than they bargained for.

Many Amazon aficionados make a point to check the reviews of products before purchasing. While no item is universally heralded, a startling trend is showing up in star ratings with more elaboration in comment sections. Customers note that not only are the products defective, but they are deadly dangerous.

In one particular instance, a customer purchased an AmazonBasics USB cord, a best-seller popular for their adaptability and affordability. Napping while his phone was charging, a seemingly harmless task, he woke up with the chair he was sitting in on fire. As he desperately carried it outside with bare wire melted to the seat, he suffered burns.

Searching comments with the unlikely terms of “fire,” “dangerous,” and “burn” yields in excess of 1,500 reviews not only regarding the Amazon-branded USB cord but also more than 70 AmazonBasics electronic products and appliances. Complaints date back four years and include references to products smoking, melting, and even exploding.

Specific statistics include:

  • More than 10 percent caught fire, with some describing shooting flames akin to a blowtorch
  • Almost 200 reported burnt walls, destroyed smartphones, and other damages

While admittedly a small percentage compared to all reviews and products sold on Amazon, the trend is concerning. These problems occur in the shadow of accusations against Amazon for marketing dangerous products sold by third parties.

This time, they can’t pass off the blame to other manufacturers. Instead, their task is now restoring and maintaining trust and confidence in AmazonBasics and all products that appear on their website.