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Filing a Motor Vehicle Accident Claim: Do’s and Don’ts

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Auto Accidents |

Car accidents can result in a variety of consequences. Injuries require medical care from a doctor. Damage to the car mandates service from a mechanic at a repair shop. Yet, for many crash victims involved in minor to catastrophic collisions, dealing with the insurance company can bring the most stress of all.

Auto insurance claims are a top priority, particularly when the memories of the crash are fresh. Delays and mistakes can lead to forgetfulness that negatively impacts a case.

Is It Worth It?

Minor accidents may not be necessary as the costs may match or slightly exceed the insurance deductible. Not only does the claimant receive no or minimal financial compensation, but their rates could also increase when the time comes to renew the policy.

Saying a Thousand Words

Pictures and videos tell the story—the more compelling the evidence, the better. With the advent of smartphones, nearly everyone has a camera at their disposal to visually document the aftermath of an accident, specifically the vehicles’ positions following the collision.

Keep It Simple

In the short time following the accident, many victims believe that they escaped injury. Adjusters, who work for the insurance company will likely ask victims a variety of questions, including a simple, “How are you?” All responses require minimal, if any, information, particularly before seeing a doctor. Also, keep social media posts to a minimum and always be truthful.

Stick to the Truth

Conversely, sharing too much information can do as much damage to a claim as deception. Keep information and anecdotes fact-based and to a minimum to avoid delays and denials.