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Fender bender? Yes, you do need to see a doctor

by | Nov 29, 2020 | Auto Accidents |

You headed off to the grocery store, you obeyed the speed limit and stopped at the red light. Suddenly, you felt a bump from behind. When you got out to check the damage, it was minor. You exchanged numbers with the other driver and finished your errands. There was no physical damage to you, right? Wrong!

Even small jolts to our body can cause lasting damage if left untreated. You may not feel bad right away, but seeing a doctor as soon as possible is definitely in your best interest.

What can happen in a car accident

Our brains and bodies are very sensitive to any kind of trauma. You’ve likely fallen down a set of stairs, only to find the next day you are stiff and sore. In a car accident, even one at a very low speed, our body suffers soft tissue damage. Soft tissue damage and other damage to our bodies after an accident include the following:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Contusions
  • Whiplash (neck strain)
  • Traumatic brain injuries (concussions)

Seeing a doctor helps with liability

When a person causes an accident, they are financially responsible for your injuries and damages — including therapy, lost wages and pain and suffering. Often, people think they are uninjured, only to discover later that, in fact, they are.

If you fail to document the injuries immediately, you risk being unable to attribute them to the accident, and as a consequence, being able to hold the driver at fault. Seeking medical treatment is smart both financially and physically – allowing you assurance that all bases are covered.  Most importantly, you can begin any necessary treatment and get back to feeling better more quickly if you start your medical care as soon as possible after an injury.

If you are involved in a fender bender, and require medical treatment, give us a call at QuatriniRafferty, 24/7, for a free consultation about your right to damages.  888 – 534 – 6016