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3 ways you can steer clear of distracted drivers

by | Aug 19, 2020 | Auto Accidents |

Even the safest drivers wind up on the receiving end of car accidents. But maybe getting in the head of the other driver can save you from injury and death.

Year after year, thousands of people die in accidents involving distracted drivers. Thankfully, there are ways you can try and ward off the results of a reckless driver’s decisions.

Here are three ways to navigate distracted drivers:

  1. Use your mirrors

One way you can try and be steps ahead of the careless moves of another motorist is by looking around as you drive. Don’t only look for cues that guide your own moves on the road, like speed limit signs, traffic signals and how close you are driving next to the car in front of you. For example, as you approach a red light you shouldn’t just slow down and stop. You should also use your rear-view mirror to make sure whoever is driving behind you is also slowing down too. This way you don’t risk the dangers of running a red light or being involved in a rear-end collision. Your side mirrors can also be useful when it comes to dodging drivers that aren’t paying attention.

  1. Move away from bad drivers

In addition to doing all you can to look out for dangers in every direction, there are also certain behaviors that distracted drivers may use that you can try and spot. Someone who is looking down at something might swerve lanes, slam on the brakes or drive at a slow pace. When you come across these drivers, try changing lanes or hanging back to avoid driving next to dangerous drivers.

  1. Listen for loud music

Although music can help many drivers keep their focus, it can just as easily become a distraction too. From singing along with other occupants in the car to constantly adjusting the songs or volume, drivers can lose sight of the road ahead. So, when you can hear someone’s music from your car, this could be a sign that the driver blasting their music might be facing distractions.

Essentially, you can use your ears as well as your eyes when it comes to seeking out and steering clear of distracted drivers.

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