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Why Have Fatal Accidents Increased?

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Auto Accidents |

Those who have seen the shift in remote work this past year may have noticed the decrease in traffic conditions. The fewer number of commuters means that roadways are much more open to many drivers. While the roads have cleared up in terms of congestion, fatal accidents have been on the rise.

Understanding how Pennsylvania deals with fault

Pennsylvania follows a comparative negligence rule. Those who are found more than 50% at fault may not be eligible for damages and compensation after a collision. Drivers need to understand the conditions that have led to this elevated risk to protect their safety:

  • The fewer cars on the road mean that some drivers are speeding during these conditions. These high speeds are often associated with fatal collisions.
  • More people are ordering products and goods than ever before. The increased pressure for shipping companies and truck drivers means that more trucks are operating under tight deadlines on the road. A collision is much more likely to be fatal for a passenger vehicle when a commercial vehicle is involved.
  • There is a lower police presence on the road because of the reduction in drivers on the road. This lower likelihood in receiving a traffic ticket emboldens the behavior of some drivers.
  • Driver experience can be a contributing factor in assessing road conditions.

The importance of documentation

No matter the scale of the accident, it is crucial that motorists take steps to document a collision after all the immediate medical needs are met. It is important to call emergency services, and the police will be dispatched to the scene in addition to an ambulance. A police report is integral to determining the circumstances and conditions that led to a crash. Receiving medical treatment is also a necessary step for filing an injury claim later. If you or someone close to you received a catastrophic injury during a road collision, it is essential to consider the compensation options.