Unemployment Compensation

October 8, 2019

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Legal Tip Tuesday! My name is Nicholas Kennedy and I’m an employment attorney of QuatriniRafferty. I’d like to talk today about unemployment compensation. Many employees often find themselves in this situation of being unemployed and have to apply for unemployment compensation. And it’s very important if you are denied and you received a service center denial, that you appeal within the time period that is laid out, which is 15 days. That is a strict deadline. And oftentimes employees, once they appeal will attend what’s called a referee’s hearing. And at a referee’s hearing, there are certain rules and procedures that need to be followed and that can make or break your unemployment case. That’s why I’m here to say that it is very essential that you consult with legal council and you have legal council attend the referee’s hearing with you because you might fall prey to certain rulings by the referee, or not have certain exhibits or evidence that you want to have introduced, allowed in by the referee. And it can make a huge difference in order for you to be granted unemployment compensation.

One important rule that is considered in unemployment compensation hearings is the rule of hearsay. And if you seek to introduce documents, statements by other individuals, and those individuals are not present, that evidence could be excluded. And that evidence could be vital to your unemployment compensation case. So, I’m here to advise that you strictly follow all statutory guidelines that are laid out for you in the unemployment compensation paperwork that you receive. Epically the timeline to appeal. And then when you receive a date for your referee’s hearing, you should immediately contact an attorney to provided you with assistance to prepare and attend the hearing with you, in order for you to help insure a much more successful and smoothly run hearing to help better pursue your unemployment compensation rights. Thank you.