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VJQ Uber Blog.jpgIn Pittsburgh, hailing a cab was tantamount to putting in a bid to host the Olympics. It seemed like you had to wait years for one to show up! So, I was an early cheerleader for the new mousetrap for hailing a cab - Uber. So easy! So prompt! So intriguing - peering at that car icon on my phone, starting up in Oakland weaving its way down Fifth Ave. across Grant St., turning on 7th St., eventually picking me up at QuatriniRafferty's downtown Pittsburgh office, at 941 Penn Ave., to take me to the airport.


If you were ever hurt or injured, your natural response may be to seek out help from an attorney. You might consider the circumstances related to the injury when deciding who to contact. For example, if you were in a car accident, you would seek out the help of a Personal Injury attorney. If you were injured at work, you would contact a Worker's Compensation attorney. What you might not realize is that the circumstances surrounding your injuries might require the work of multiple attorneys from several different practice areas. These attorneys should work together to fully compensate you for your injuries.

Injured On Your Commute To Or From Work? You Could Be Entitled to Workers' Compensation Benefits!

A young man was a worker-in-training for Dunkin Donuts. His employer owned three different locations in Pennsylvania - Wyncote, Hatfield, and Horsham. The young man was assigned to Wyncote. His job included delivering product between the three locations and filling in for sick employees. One day, his employer called him and instructed him to fill in for a sick worker at the Hatfield location.

Myocardial Infarctions (Heart Attacks) In the Workplace: QR Obtains Benefits for Widow and Disabled Child

On a really cold day in January, our 54 year old Marcellus Shale fresh water truck driver, Carl, picked up his vehicle at his work site in Clymer, Indiana County, and drove to a nearby creek to load up.

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