3 Workers’ Compensation Documents

August 14, 2018

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Pete Gough from QuatriniRafferty and welcome to Legal Tip Tuesday. Today I’d like to discuss with you Workers’ Compensation cases and when you should really see a lawyer. After you get hurt (at work), the first thing you should do is you should report your injury to your employer through your supervisor. What can you expect next? Well, typically the Workers’ Compensation carrier will issue one of three documents.

The first is a “Denial,” meaning that the carrier is denying your Workers’ Compensation case. You should immediately see a lawyer because I’m sure you’d like to protect your rights, not only if you’re missing work now, but if you could miss work in the future.

The second document you may get is something called a “Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable.” This means that the Workers’ Compensation carrier is accepting your injury for a limited period of time…that does not mean that it’s an acceptance of your case. You should see a lawyer when you get a “Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable you need to be guided as to what strategy you should take to ensure your “Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable” converts to an accepted claim…what to do…what to say…what to expect…those are things that really help you in your Workers’ Compensation case and a place you can only get that from (is the) the legal representation at QuatriniRafferty.

The final “issue” or document that occurs in Workers’ Compensation cases is a simple acceptance of your claim through a “Notice of Compensation Payable.” Does that mean that you’re in the clear? That you should not see a lawyer? The answer is no, you should still see a lawyer even though your claim is accepted. The claim documents might indicate an incorrect description of injury. They may be paying you too less. So for these reasons, come see us at QuatriniRafferty. We’d love to have you.