Introduction to a new QR practice offering, Mediation & Arbitration Services

September 1, 2021

Video Transcript

Hi welcome to Legal Tip Tuesday I am Tereasa Rerko one of the attorneys here at QuatriniRafferty today I’d like to talk with you about alternative dispute resolution or ADR as we call it ADR is a process by which cases or disputes can be resolved between individuals or companies without having to have a court decide their case so for example if you are in a dispute with your neighbor if you have a landlord tenant case that you’d like to have resolved or even something more involved in the court process ADR is a way to do that more effectively more cost efficiently and in a lot less time than it might take to take it through a court proceeding ADR comes in many forms two of the ones that we know most often are mediation and arbitration so mediation is one where the parties decide the case and arbitration is one where a third party decides the case there will be future Legal Tip Tuesdays to go a little more in depth into each of those various processes the advantages of using ADR whichever method you may choose are that it can save time it can save money and it can get a result that you are more likely to be happy with than if the court decides your case for you if you are interested in discussing an ADR process for any kind of dispute you may be involved in give us a call we’ll discuss it with you thank you.