Am I Eligible for Long-Term Disability?

May 15, 2018

Video Transcript

Happy Tuesday! This is Brian Bronson here for the QR Legal Tip Tuesday. Today I’m going to talk about Long-Term Disability, that’s what I do, and the question is, that we get most often is “Am I eligible for Long-Term Disability?” And the answer is “It depends.” So Long-Term Disability is a contractual benefit either you sign up for on your own or your employer carries as part of your employee benefit packages.

So to find out if you’re covered by Long-Term Disability, you need to get in touch with either your insurance agent if you’re a private company or your Human Resources Department. You can qualify for Long-Term Disability benefits if you’re injured at work, if you are sick, if you have an illness – there’s lots of ways to qualify but in order to find out, you need to get in touch with your Human Resources Department and then you need to come in and see us to have a check to see whether or not you qualify for benefits.