Called Back to Work After COVID-19

June 30, 2020

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Michael Quatrini and I’m welcoming you to another Legal Tip Tuesday. Over the last few months. Some of you may have been laid off from work because of the COVID crisis. And while you were laid off, you may have been receiving your workers’ compensation checks. In the last few weeks or maybe in the coming weeks in July, you may be called back to work and if you’ve been called back to work, there are several considerations. We want to make sure you’re aware of. One, we wanna make sure that your employer is abiding by the restrictions from your work injury. Two, if your restrictions are causing you to lose some of your wages rather than make your average weekly wage that you are earning prior to your accident, you may be entitled to a partial disability check from the workers’ compensation company. The best way to figure that out is to get your pay stub from those return to work weeks. Send it over to us and we’d be happy to go over and calculate whether in fact you are going to be owed money. To make up the difference in those lost wages. Again, a couple considerations make sure they’re abiding by your work restrictions.

Let’s make sure that they’re paying you correctly and let’s see if you’re owed any additional money even though you’ve returned to work. But most importantly on this Legal Tip Tuesday, the biggest consideration that we wanna leave you with is. What do you say? Happy July 4th! Happy July Fourth.