Do you Need a Legal Checkup?

September 15, 2020

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome back to Legal Tip Tuesday. It’s Vince Quatrini and we’re here today to talk about your legal checkup. A number of years ago the idea struck us that everybody gets a medical checkup, but do they know to go get a legal checkup? So, we trademarked the concept and we’ve been using it to help inform our clients over the years. I want to take a couple of minutes today and talk about you getting a legal checkup. When do you need one? But there’s a number of circumstances that would require or call for you to give a call to an attorney’s office. Let’s talk about some of them for instance, if you’re getting married, you need a legal checkup to see if your will should be changed to include your spouse. If you have a child, you should get that will updated to make sure that if something happens your child will inherit from you instead of your estate going through the state of Pennsylvania.

We came up with a brochure some time ago that outlines a whole list of different circumstances, occurrences in life, and we talk about when life happens, you may need a legal checkup. And so, there’s a bunch of times that you should be thinking about it. Let me go through some more with you. Here’s sort of an awful one. What if you have a criminal charge against you? Well, certainly you need a legal checkup with an attorney who specializes in handling those kinds of cases. And I will tell you too that when you’re choosing an attorney, that’s an important concept. Do they specialized, is this something they do each day, every day? When you call our law firm, you’re going to be talking to lawyers that do that specialty work that they’re involved in every day, all day.

Let’s take another category for a moment. What if you’re purchasing an automobile? Well, you need to look at insurance. You need to talk to us about what kind of insurance policy do I need? We’ll tell you full tort, never limited tort for a lot of reasons. I know Joyce Novotny-Prettiman discussed that here on this program a number of times to alert you. Stacking. It’s like a magic word. It doesn’t cost hardly anything on your policy, but if you don’t get stacking and you have three automobiles in your house, you don’t get the extra overage for the insurance you paid on two of those three automobiles.

Let me pick something else, again sort of on the depressing side, and that is the death of a loved one. You may need to process the estate. You need a legal checkup. Changing your business status, you need a legal checkup. How about estate planning? Here at QuatriniRafferty, we have Jessica Rafferty and David DeRose, who can certainly help you with the planning that you should have in place before you pass away. The estate documents you need So, as you go through the day and the week, think about “gee, do need a legal checkup?” If you do, give us a call here at QuatriniRafferty. That’s what we do every day all day. And for now, it’s Vince Quatrini signing off on Legal Tip Tuesday. Have a great day.