Give Notice of a Work Injury

May 1, 2018

Video Transcript

Welcome to Legal Tip Tuesday from the law firm of QuatriniRafferty. I’m Vince Quatrini and I’m here today to talk to you about giving notice when you get injured at work. So you tripped over a wire and you fell on the floor at work and you thought, “Oh, I’m okay. I just bruised my knee and my shoulder’s a little sore. I’ll just work through it.” Wrong decision! We advise all of our clients to report every injury even though at the time you may think it’s insignificant. Why? Well, if you go home and you report that injury a day later…two days later…your employer is going to assume it didn’t happen at work. And, if you failed to report that injury within 120 days, you cannot file a claim at all. That’s your tip for Legal Tip Tuesday! Have a good day.