How long Does the Social Security Disability Application Process Take?

July 31, 2018

Video Transcript

Hi everybody, it’s Adam Quatrini from QuatriniRafferty, here to talk about Social Security Disability on this Legal Tip Tuesday. One of the questions that I get most often is “how long is this (Social Security Disability) process going to take me?” The truth is it’s going to take a while. The initial application period is 3 months (on average). 85% of people are denied at that level. You come back in, we appeal you, and that puts you in line to go in front of a Social Security judge. To get to the judge right now is anywhere between 22 to 24 months, so the takeaway is it is a very long process and the sooner you get in, the sooner we can get you in the system and get you the money that you deserve.