How Much LTD Coverage Am I Entitled To?

June 19, 2018

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Brian Bronson for “Legal Tip Tuesday” here at QuatriniRafferty. One of the questions we get very often is, “How much am I entitled to if I leave work and go on Long-Term Disability benefits?” And the question depends on the policy and the terms of the policy. Some policies give 60% of your benefits. Some give even about up to 80% of your benefits. What you really need to do, before you become disabled, is to become familiar with your particular product that either you or employer has purchased for you. You need to find out if there are potential offsets for Workers’ Compensation, for Social Security Disability, and for other benefits coming in so that you can determine “If I am disabled, am I covered to the point where I can survive the disability and get back to work, or is it enough money to cover me if I incur a serious disability?”