Individual Unemployability For Veterans

April 6, 2021

Video Transcript

Good morning and Welcome to Legal Tip Tuesday. Today we’re going to talk about Individual Unemployability for veterans and their service-connected conditions.

Beyond just getting a rating for your one or many service connected conditions, veterans can also apply for additional benefits if their service-connected disabilities are preventing them from working on a full or part-time basis. This benefit is called “Individual Unemployability.”

To be eligible veterans have to fall under two different categories one have one rating that is at least 60% if you only have one service connected condition, or a total rating of 70% if you have more than one service-connected conditions, with one of those conditions requiring at least a 40% rating.

How do we prove that you are unable to work on a full or part-time basis? By having your doctors confirm that you would not be able to do the physical or psychological components of everyday work. You’ll notice this is different than Social Security Disability. In that world, I can only have to prove that you can’t do a full-time job eight hours a day, five days a week. But, with Veterans Disability I have to prove you can’t do full or part-time work as well. Because of the severity of so many of the conditions, usually both physical and psychological they would prevent you from being able to do all of that work consistently over a week or a month.

So to recap, there’s an additional benefit for veterans who can’t work on a full or part-time basis. If you’ve ever been denied for Individual Unemployability or you want to discuss the benefit, please reach out to our office for a free consultation. This is Michael Quatrini, Legal Tip Tuesday. Enjoy the rest of your week.