Inspect and Receive Medical Records

September 3, 2019

Video Transcript

Hi everybody it’s Adam Quatrini, here today is Legal Tip Tuesday. Today we’re going to talk about your right to inspect and receive your medical records. A lot of you have to see your medical records, order them, and have gone through the almost impossible scenario of talking to your insurance carrier, your medical provider, and not being able to receive them, receive them timely, or paying way too much money in order to receive them. And I’m here to tell you that you have an absolute right to inspect medical records and your bills from your insurance carrier and from your medical providers. That’s a right garmented to you under the federal law. And usually they can do it electronically so it’s much cheaper than most carriers and insurance companies will charge you. And a very good information source has an even further rundown about what your rights are, and how to go about receiving your medical records at a cheaper cost and what your rates are under the law.