Legal Tip Tuesday featuring | Michael V. Quatrini, Esq. In this week’s edition of Legal Tip Tuesday, Michael V. Quatrini, Esq. of The Quatrini Law Group discusses the complicated nature of veterans’ disability benefits.

February 29, 2024

Video Transcript

Hi this is Michael quatrini with a legal tip Tuesday on Veterans disability benefits as you know a number of cancers are related to Agent orange exposure Camp Lejeune contaminated water exposure and service in Iraq from Burn pits during the time that you have an active malignant cancer and you’re treating for it the VA should be rating you at 100% service connection and paying you the full amount by all of the regulations once that cancer goes into remission the VA is required to rerate you at that time what I see far too often is that these re ratings end up in low ratings or even 0% ratings this is because the VA has blinders on they don’t take into consideration the secondary conditions that come from having cancer or the treatments that veterans undergo to get them to remission this includes cognitive problems this includes radiculopathy into the upper extremities or lower extremities this includes issues going to the restroom too much or too little the long and short of it is there are many secondary conditions from having cancer and undergoing very intense therapy. If you were rated low or even at 0% after you have had a service-connected cancer please call so that we can take a look to at your rating and to see if the VA missed a number of secondary conditions this is Michael Quatrini with another legal tip Tuesday have a great rest of the week.